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High Voltage Testing

TEX Onsite provides a comprehensive range of Mobile Services and Sales. The mobile electrical testing service has a capacity of up to 200kV AC.

Our primary clients are:
  • Electricity Supply Authorities
  • Electricity Transmission Authorities
  • Local Councils
  • Mining Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Electrical Contractors

High voltage testing is carried out on a variety of equipment including Live Line cover up equipment, rubber gloves, rubber sleeves, blankets, line covers, load handling Gins/booms, temporary cut-out switches, ladders, Modiewarks, Taplin voltage testers, conductor supports and insulated jumpers.

Visual inspection of safety harnesses, pole belts, strops, rescue kits, ladders and resistance measurement of portable protective earth and short circuits.

All tests are performed in accordance with the relevant ESAA, ASTM, IEC, Australian and New Zealand Standards.

TEX Onsite can provide NATA/UKAS traceability for all test equipment utilised in carrying out testing and calibration.