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TEX Onsite is a market leader in the High Voltage Testing and Instrument Calibration industry. Formed by Mick Kirwan (Director) in April 2001, TEX Onsite started operation with one mobile van providing High Voltage testing to the electrical industries throughout country Victoria and New South Wales.

With 20 years experience in the Electrical Contracting, Transmission and Telecommunication Maintenance industries, Mick Kirwan has lead TEX Onsite from a one man operation to having over 20 mobile testing teams located in Australia, New Zealand and The United States of America. With a proven industrial track record and a hands on management approach Mick Kirwan continues to lead TEX Onsite to many new achievements cementing TEX Onsite as the preferred choice within the electrical industry.

It is through a spirit of partnership that TEX Onsite offers it's High Voltage Testing and Instrument Calibration services to the electrical, mining and industrial sectors. With its ultimate aim being to service all current and new industries on a global basis, TEX Onsite offers and promotes a high level of customer service and satisfaction

Areas of Expertise
TEX Onsite offers a wide range of services. These include Mobile Electrical Testing up to 200kV for gloves, portable grounds, oil, blankets, sleeves, covers, hydraulic hoses, bucket trucks, liners and sticks. We also offer repair and refurbishment of sticks and grounds as required. Ladder and harness inspections are also available. Mobile Instrument Calibration, traceable to National Standards, is available in all areas of Australia and New Zealand. Items that we service include, Multimeters, Earth Testers, Phase Rotation Meters, Low Ohm Meters, Loop Testers and Insulation Resistance Meters.

Current Resources
With it's high level of resources TEX Onsite is equipped to service any booking with ease.
Below are just a few of the items that TEX Onsite uses to provide it's services to meet it's clients needs:

  • Administration Office Lilydale Victoria, Australia
  • Test Facilities in Melbourne, Brisbane, Townsville, Gladstone, Perth, Auckland New Zealand and Florida, Alabama in the USA
  • 30 Mobile Test vans
  • 2 Hubble 100kV mobile Test Sets
  • 21 Hi Voltage 120kV mobile Test Sets
  • 1 Phenix 130kV mobile Test Set
  • 2 Hi Voltage 200kV mobile Test Sets
  • 2 Megger Portable Oil Test Sets
  • 13 Argenton Portable Earth Test Sets
  • 8 Time Electronics 5051+ Calibration Systems
  • 8 Time Electronics Ins-Cal 5069 Insulation Tester Calibration System
  • 8 Time Electronics Ductor Cal-Ductor Tester & Micro-Ohm Meter Calibration Systems
  • 8 Time Patcal RCD Cal systems
  • 2 Samos ADTI Acoustic Emission Test Systems
  • GT400 Portable Ground Testers